About IZNF

Interdisciplinary Center for Nanostructured Films

IZNF Frontseite

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IZNF – Aim and Structure

  1. Formation of nanostructured functional thin films (from liquids)
  2. Formulation – Characterization – Modelling/Simulation – Application
  3. Integration of functional thin films in nanostructured thin film systems


  • Cross-sectional topic of EAM integrated under one roof in the planned research building
  • Wide spectrum of experimental and theoretical methods
  • Application areas including photonics, optoelectronics, nanocharacertization, catalysis, energy technology and life science


IZNF – Site Plan

The new research building is located on FAU´s south campus in Erlangen:


Map FAU's South Campus Erlangen

Map: EAM




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Bearbeitung: Jürgen Krall Photographie, www.krall-photographie.de