Wednesdays (every 14 days), 17:00 – 18:00 Uhr


13. Mai 20 „Functional coatings for inexpensive energy conversion: Thin, ultrathin, nanostructured“

Prof. Dr. Julien Bachmann
Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Lehrstuhl für Chemistry of thin film materials (CTFM)

27. Mai 20 „Thin films mechanical characterization“

PD Dr. Benoit Merle
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Chair of General Materials Properties

10. Jun 20 „Applications of photonic crystal fibres: from micro-reactor in chemistry to generation of non-classical light“

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Joly
Department of Physics
Professur für Experimentalphysik (Photonik) and MPL

24. Jun 20 „Self-organization of building blocks into functional materials“

Prof. Dr. Michael Engel
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Professur für Modellierung von Selbstorganisationsprozessen

08. Jul 20 tba

Prof. Dr. Erdmann Spiecker
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Chair of Microand Nanostructure Research (IMN)

22. Jul 20 „Nanoplastics, oil and toxins – How smart nanoparticles enable to clean our water“

Prof. Dr. Marcus Halik
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Organic Materials & Devices (OMD)

05. Aug 20 „Fluorescent labeling and microscopic resolution of three dimensional cellular structures“

Dr. Ralph Palmisano
Optical Imaging Center Erlangen (OICE)

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